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Tour Genres

Pay the Piper book tours offers services for many genres, but there are still a few we do not cater to. Please read genre specifications carefully so that there are not any misunderstandings.

Genres we Host:

Historical Fiction of all genres (fantasy, mystery, alternate, etc) except those listed below 
Military Adventure (from ancient Rome to WWII or later, what have you)
Mystery of all genres (cozy, historical, etc) except those listed below
Children’s of all genres except those listed below
Young Adult of all genres except those listed below
Paranormal (this involves all your fairy, ghost, mythical creatures and time travel novels)
Science Fiction

*As far as romance goes, as long as it does not contain explicit sexual content, we’re good with that. Sweet, funny romances or chick lit are perfectly fine =)

Genres we don’t Host

I will not set up tours for any of the following genres:

New Adult
Erotica or any like genres
Literary (Literary fiction has it’s place, but it can be marketed where it will be best received)
Non-fiction (Biography, self-help, memoir and anything in that category)

If you have any other questions about Pay the Piper Tours’ genre/content specifications, email me at:


There is no guarantee that your tour will boost your sales, but every little bit helps when it comes to promotion.  Our hosts will all do their best to give authors maximum exposure, after that, it’s all up to the readers to choose whether they want to read your book.

Also, please read our For Authors page if you're considering a book tour. That will tell you everything that you need to have ready to set up a tour with us. 

Book Tours

Types of tours:

Feature Stops: A feature stop is when just the book cover, synopsis and excerpt(s) from your book.

Review tour: A review tour is when the stops include a review by the bloggers of your book as well as book feature and excerpt.

Traditional blog tour: This entails all the normal stuff readers expect from a blog tour such as features, excerpts, interviews, and reviews.

There’s a tour level for everyone’s budget.

$25- White Chocolate Tour

This tour includes 5 feature stops and a tour button

$35- Milk Chocolate Tour

This tour includes 5 traditional stops--four guest posts and/or interviews and one review--and a tour button

$45- Dark Chocolate Tour

This tour includes 12 stops--mixed feature stops, traditional and 1-2 reviews--and tour banner

$45- Hot Cocoa Review Tour

This is exclusively a review tour. 5 stops with a review at each and tour button

$50- Mint Chocolate Tour

This tour includes 15 traditional tour stops--mixed guest posts interviews and 2-3 reviews-- and a tour banner

$50- Mocha Chip Feature Tour

This is exclusively a feature tour (good for authors who don’t have the time to do a lot of interviews or guest posts) This tour includes 20 feature stops with excerpts and author bio. Comes with a tour banner

$75- Chocolate Peanut Butter Tour

This tour includes 20 mixed stops--guest posts, interviews, features and 3-5 reviews--and a tour banner and button combo

$100- Chocolate Caramel Tour

This tour includes 30 mixed stops--guest posts, features, interviews, and 5 or more reviews--and a tour banner and button combo

$150- Ultimate Hot Fudge Sundae Tour 

This tour includes 40 mixed stops--guest posts, features, interviews and 5 or more reviews--and a tour banner button combo

Custom Tour (prices vary)

If you want to customize your own tour, such as doing a longer review tour or a special feature tour, contact me through this email: and I’ll quote you a price.

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